Ready To Feel Your ABSOLUTE BEST?  

I Have Got Your Back And Can't Wait To Support You Back To Feeling AMAZING In Your Own Skin This Year!  

Go From Stuck, Overweight, Bloated, Frustrated Dieter To Losing Weight With Ease, Oozing Confidence and Slipping Into Your Clothes With Our 12 Week Challenge!

WITHOUT Dieting Going Hungry Cutting Out Your Favourite Foods Spending Endless Hours In The Gym Are You Gaining Weight Rather Than Losing It? Are You STUCK On The Hamster Wheel Of Getting Nowhere With Progress? Are You Ready To Kick Some Serious Ass And Transform Your Eating Habits And Lifestyle So That You Can Get Back The Body You Feel Incredible In?

Are You READY To?  

Feel your absolute best this year? Rather than covering up at parties or holidays, are you ready to simply feel incredible in every piece of clothing?

Follow a program that gets effective results but doesn't involve countless hours on the treadmill or eating sad salads?

Feel light, sexy and have see a massive boost in energy?

Make simple changes but see powerful results?

No crazy diets, no going hungry, no exercise, lose weight with ease without giving up all your favourite foods?

Slay those pesky cravings, lose fat sustainably and feel comfortable in your own BODY?

What Is Our TRANSFORMATION Program? 

Our program is a 12 week online weight loss and lifestyle TRANSFORMATION program that contains step-by-step guidance designed to help you lose fat, in a healthy and sustainable way so that you will feel and look incredible in your body this year.  

Kick-start your weight loss transformation with meals that will supercharge your weight loss and help you achieve LONG lasting results.  

Go from feeling frustrated with your attempts to lose weight to seeing progress consistently and feeling invincible in everything you wear.  

Take control of your body and your life in a way you never thought you could.  

Beat your insecurities and regain your confidence.  

I’ve worked with hundreds of women—individually and in groups on- and offline around the world—and I know what it takes to create change that starts on the inside and that LASTS.  

Here's How It Works... 

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life From Home, With The Support And Coaching You Need And The Results You Want On Your Schedule…

Meal Plans, Workouts, Guides

Weekly Advice

Everything You need

Your Transformation Program Includes: 

⭐ Join The Program From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Anywhere In The World  

⭐ Suitable For Anyone At Any Stage Of Their Weight Loss Journey

Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Fat Burning Family Friendly Meal Plans Delivered To Your Inbox Every Friday Including Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (VEGETARIAN OPTION AVAILABLE) Breeze Through Your Weekly Supermarket Trip With Our Handy Weekly Shopping Lists Recipes That Include All Food Groups To Help You Balance Nutrients For Optimal Energy and Fat Loss Discover How Get Maximum Results Without Cutting Out The Food You Love and Going Hungry

Weekly Workouts

Weekly Fat Melting Workouts That Can Be Performed At Home Or The Gym. Train your Abs, Legs, Booty, Arms, Full Body – See Results All Over Your Body! All Fitness Levels Welcome – All Exercises Have Various Modifications Depending On Your Fitness Level. Go At Your Own Pace!

Essential Guides

Exclusive Snack Guide That Will Show You The Secrets To Snacking For Best Results, Maximum Energy and Preventing Late Night Binges and Overeating Food Swap List So You Can Easily Change Ingredients In your Weekly Plan Eating Out Guide, Now It's Easy To Eat Out Confidently, Make The Right Choices and Still See Progress Build Your Day Guide, Discover The Best Way To Structure Your Food To Burn Fat Without Meal Plans. So Handy for Holidays, Business Trips, Hotel Stays or When You Can't Get Into The Kitchen

Exclusive Membership Website Access 

Access To More Than 300 EXTRA Proven Weight Loss Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner And Snack Recipes Designed Specifically For Massive Fat-Loss Recipes With Very Clear Instructions That Are Simple And Easy To Follow, That Are Kid, Husband And Boyfriend Proof No time To Cook? Pop Over To Our 15 Minute Meals Section And Whip Up Your Meal In A Breeze

Weekly Modules

Access To Weekly Modules With Anna's Expert Tips On How To Transform Your Eating Habits and Lifestyle  

Discover Anna's Top Secrets On How To Sustain Your New Weight, So That You NEVER Gain It Back Again. These Results Are For Life This Time  

Determine Exactly What You Need To Do To Stop Your Late Night Binges, Cravings, Emotional Eating, Combat Stress and Boost Self Confidence, Self Love and Be More Mindful Around Food  

Meet Your Online Nutritionist!

Hey lovely, I'm Anna your guide over the next 12 weeks.  

I am Irish, (Living in The Netherlands) I studied Food and Nutrition at university and after I graduated I became a Registered Associate Nutritionist. You can assure my advice is to a high standard, no fluff, no bs, just proper nutrition that's simple and real results.  

Sometime ago, before I studied Nutrition I was just like you, seeking every diet under the sun, going round in circles. I would maybe diet for about a week but then hopelessly give up when I just couldn’t stick living on miserable food that left me feeling tired, miserable and grumpy. Yep I get grumpy when I can't eat food that I love or have to eat food that tastes like crap.  

I was desperately seeking a new way of eating so that I could lose weight but maintain this weight-loss. I had to heal myself the right way this time, I couldn’t face another miserable diet that excluded basically all the food I enjoyed.  

I ditched the diets for good, developed a special formula on how to structure my food, lost weight and have maintained my weight ever since. Because of my own journey, I knew that I was destined to help other women break free from this cycle. This is my passion!!  

After years of studying and a degree in Food and Nutrition I finally became a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Food Freedom Coach, I love that I can show people how to lose weight in a fun and flexible way.

My goal with this transformation program is to show you how to nourish yourself with real food that gives you real results that last.  

So that all those diets you have done before can go in the bin where they belong.  

Are you ready to do something that lasts a lifetime?  

I can't wait to guide you back to feeling incredible and to show you what's possible with the right advice and support.  

Anna xxx

Vanessa's 17kg Transformations 

“Just completed the 12-weeks program with Anna and I can honestly say that I am a different woman. Working with Anna has set me free: free of dieting, free of guilt, free of scales and free of self-doubt. She has taught me how to go back to basics, nourish my body with healthy wholesome food and no deprivation. Of course I lost weight (17kg), and lots of it, but I also learn to love and trust myself for who I am now and who I am becoming every day: a healthier and fitter me. I can never thank Anna enough for all her help and support but I can highly recommend her for anyone wishing to find a healthier lifestyle.” Vanessa B.

Love Food? Have A Peak At Our Recipes 

Ledas 22kg Transformations 

"It all started on my 30th birthday where I wanted to give myself a big gift by losing 10kg and have that as the start of a new life. I realized while working with Anna that I had a very unhealthy approach towards food. Anna stopped these thoughts and changed them completely around. Instead of fighting myself, Anna helped me accepting myself! The biggest help for me was the support from Anna and the ladies in her community. I already lost 22kg and I know this time I'm going to finish what I started. Anna taught me that this is not just something you do for a small amount of time, you are here to change your whole lifestyle!" -Leda-

Real Women, Real Results!! 

“Anna’s recipes are always delicious, there isn’t one dish that I did not enjoy so far. There is plenty of variety as well as simple dishes, so that you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen, but yet eating gourmet food. I have lost about 15kg. This is way beyond my expectations for the first 2 months. I started noticing changes in my body after only 2 weeks, which is amazing. Regular eating, the right type of food and the support did magic with me." Klara K.

“I Just Finished 12 weeks program with Anna and it was awesome. First, I have two little girls and a very picky husband : they all LOVE Anna’s recipes!!! It was so amazingly easy and healthy . I lost 6 kg which are more then I planned… I highly recommend about Anna’s nutrition ’cause beside the fact that you loose weight moderately you also learn a real lifestyle that will serve you for the rest of your life. And this is the real gift Me and my family got from Anna. The changing way of thinking about food have changed our life . Thank you Anna!” Karen S.

 "I was struggling with losing weight for years and Anna got me started! Apart from loosing weight which I managed in a very easy way, and not feeling hungry at all. I have got much more conscious over my eating habits. Her dishes are tasteful and delicious, the whole family (man+2 kids) was following her dinner plans and we all loved it! It is all about being aware what you are eating and why, her approach for a sustainable way of losing weight with no restrictions has been an eye opener to me! Thanks!" Blanca G.

Why You Absolutely Need To Join! 

The truth is you have been deep down trying to get to your weight loss goal for too long.  

I know right now you feel defeated, almost ready to settle being uncomfortable in yourself for the rest of your life and thinking maybe this is the way you are supposed to look and feel.  

Hold up gorgeous, I don't want you to be that women that quits. Trust me that there is a another way to lose fat forever that doesn't involve minimal food and too many boring hours in the gym.

Our program has everything single tool and strategy that you will EVER need to lose fat forever under one roof.

I know you don't know what foods to eat, I know you don't have time that's why I have put this together for you.

You will have full access to the proven meals and strategies that I have used and 100's of women around the world to look and feel incredible.

You need to surround yourself with people who have been where you are or are on the same journey. Having an expert in women's fat-loss guide you to your goal and hold you accountable every step of the way is a MUST for success!

I Can Really See The Difference And Proud To Show It Off 

Today I want to share with you my progress. 

My 12-weeks program with Anna had finished on Sunday... 

I went from 71 kg to 65 kg and it is more than I have planned to achieve

My measurements changed from 93/80/104 to 89.5/73.5/98. You can see photos: top photos - before the week 1, down photo - after week 12. 

I also learnt how to manage social eating. It works well but sometimes I still need to pay attention to it. 

I am so happy with my progress and I am going to keep it this way. I just want to tell you that we all can do it! 

Eat mindful, train yourself and be disciplined about it.


This Is For You If You: 

Are ready to see RESULTS without dieting or eating minimal food Like to be held accountable and be part of a community that SUPPORTS every step of the way Want to feel AMAZING in your own skin again Love to feel MOTIVATED Love VARIETY and enjoy eating food that tastes incredible yet simple to prepare

More Recent Transformations 

"I told myself that this program would be a birthday gift to myself, best birthday gift to date ;) 5kgs down, 7 more to go!!" Suchita

"I have reached two milestones: 1. weighing less than my fiance. 2. losing 10kg" Charlotta

12 WEEK CHALLENGE SELF STUDY COURSE is now discounted by 97%!!

Click the "GET STARTED NOW" button to start your journey now!! 


Are you ready to get started on your weight loss journey and create the body you always wanted?  

Snap up this absolute bargain and lets get your transformation started, 100's of women have seen massive change now it's your turn!  


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My personal promise to you!!

Over the next 12 weeks my promise to you is that I am going to give you the opportunity to get to your goal that you have been trying to get to for too long. I will show you exactly how to skip through the tough stuff and show you how to go from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest and most realistic amount of time. I have supported 100's of women around the world to get to their goal, now it's YOUR turn!

What Happens After I Buy?

Within 24 hours of payment you will receive a full welcome email with all details to get started on Monday.

More Transformations 

"The program is an easy one to follow, with Anna's Help I lost 14kg!!" Alexandra

"I am very happy because I lost 9kg step by step and I feel strong" Maria

Got Some Questions Before You Join? 

Is this live coaching?

No this is a self study course. You recieve all materials via email and recieve login details for our secret membership website. The program is then delivered to you weekly via email.

Will I Get Results?  

Definitely!!! If you show up, commit and do the work, follow the program and ask the questions you need to get the support you need, you will get results. The program will not do the work for you though….you’ll get out of it what you put into it. I have complete confidence in you.  

How Does The Program Work?  

Monday will always be your starting day. Within 24 hours of payment you will receive your confirmation and welcome email. Every Friday morning you receive a new meal plan and shopping list into your inbox, meaning you have the weekend to get yourself organised for your new week.  

What If I don't Like Some Ingredients?  

We like you to look at your meal plan as a guide, this is not something you have to follow 100% to get results. You can use the food swap list to change ingredients or if there are recipes you don't enjoy, pick an alternative from our extensive recipe library.  

Can My Family Eat These Meals?  

Absolutely! These are family friendly recipes. I never want any of my clients to have to prepare separate meals in the evening. My recipes have proven to be a big hit with the kiddies and husbands. Please do bare in mind that portion sizes should be increased for other family members that aren't seeking weight loss.  

What Are The Other Members Of The Program Like?  

Busy working women, trying to juggle life and getting back to feeling their best. Most women have tried all the diets and now are looking for something sustainable, flexible and for life. Women of all shapes and sizes. We have built a community of motivated women that are ready for big change so you must be ready to commit. Amazing transformations happen when you commit to the process.  

Will I Have To Buy Weird Or Expensive Food?  

No! In fact having structure and a weekly shopping list is a great way to cut cost. It prevents random trips to the supermarket. The food on the meal plans are general, nutritious and wholesome foods that can be found in any regular supermarket.



Are you ready to get started on your weight loss journey and create the body you always wanted?  

Snap up this absolute bargain and lets get your transformation started, 100's of women have seen massive change now it's your turn!  


Regular price €1447