Day Summer


Lose Weight With Permanent Results!

"Is losing sustainable weight a fairy tale to you?"

Are you...

I have a solution and I am soooo excited to share this, 

I might just pee my pants (Oh maybe I DID)....

That over 60% of people FAIL at weight loss because they think in order to get results they need to exclude all their favourite food and live on sad salads?

Do You Know...

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Weight-Loss Will Never Be Sustainable Or Enjoyable When You Take This Soul Destroying Approach!

Not feeling like yourself anymore?

Lacking in energy?

Not feeling proud when you look in the mirror?

No control when eating?

Feeling like a bad example to your family?

Definitely not beach-ready?

>Feel comfortable in your own skin again, feel healthy, revitalized and energized because of the lifestyle you are living?

>Wake up every morning full of energy, prepared for the day ahead, knowing exactly what to eat rather than having to drag yourself out of bed and having to rely on caffeine or a sugar hit to actually feel human and to be able to function like one?

>Look in the mirror with pride and love yourself, love that reflection because you are taking care of yourself rather than avoiding catching a glimpse?

>Have control around food, rather than feeling like you have no power to stop when you start eating?

>Lose weight at a steady pace while still living your life, being able to go out for dinners at the weekend, invite friends over for dinner and cook meals that your boyfriend, husband and kids can enjoy too?

>Set an example for your family, show them at a young age how to enjoy nutritious food. Be active with your kids so you can play with them and feel physically strong. Or maybe you are starting to consider motherhood and want to feel the healthiest you can for when that time comes?

>Slay those pesky cravings, lose fat sustainably and feel comfortable this summer on the beach?


The reason you haven't reached your weight loss goals yet is because the dieting industry are promoting quick fixes and fad diets. These programs don't show you how to eat healthy rather they give you short lived results.

They just want to make money and don't want to actually help you reach your goals.

How many of these fad diets have you tried? 


How many of them have actually worked sustainably? 

I know the answer and so do you!

Keep reading to find out what my solution is!


See that losing weight doesn't have to be a (boring) losing game, learn how to make weight loss easy, fun and manageable with your kids or work commitments?

Live in a world where all food is allowed so you can finally change your mentality for life, stop the whole “good” vs “bad” food and simply ENJOY food again. Without cutting out carbs and food you enjoy! You will find balance again so you don't end up diving straight into the cookie cupboard when the kids are in bed because you are literally dying of boredom from eating sad diet food. 

Feel like you again? No more feeling lost. No more shying away from events and clothing that you like to wear. After 28 days your confidence will skyrocket and you will be ROCKING YOU again!!


We are blessed to be on this earth, everyday is a new opportunity so lets live life the way we want, NO REGRETS AND TAKE ACTION!


The 28 Day Challenge is a challenge from Anna's Nutrition where busy working ladies from all over the globe who want to lose weight come together online and start their weight loss journey!

No more fad diets or boring food to lose weight.

In the 28 Day Summer Challenge I will guide you through a healthy and sustainable weight loss journey, with healthy food (see some of the recipes below), lots of variety and support from me and other challengers to keep you on track.

The challenge is to get your weight loss journey started in the best way possible and then keep it going, so you CAN wear that dress you want and you CAN go to the beach in that sexy bikini!

Apple Crumble Pudding

Avocado Pesto Pasta

Tortilla Chips &

Avocado Salsa



Strawberry Smoothie

Avocado Stuffed

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Chips 

& Ranch

Fajita Bowl

Tortilla Pizza


"The results I achieved were unbelievable, I lost the amount that I struggled to lose in the last 2 years.

What I learnt from Anna is that you don't need to be on these silly diets to get results.

The recipes on Anna's meal plan have been simple and delicious."

Both Carolina and Kax lost 6kg!

All without restricted dieting! Just healthy food!

"Nothing worked until I found Anna and her program, her wonderful program.

With Anna, I started a beautiful journey.

I am grateful to Anna because I lost more weight than I ever imagined.

It was one of the best choices that I made in my life."

"I have been working with Anna with a 4 weeks program. I was struggling with losing weight for years and she got me started!

Apart from loosing weight which I managed on a very easy way, and not feeling hungry at all. I have got much more conscious over my eating habits. Her dishes are tasteful and delicious, the whole family (man+2 kids) was following her dinner plans and we all loved it!

It is all about being aware what you are eating and why, her approach for a sustainable way of loosing weight with no restrictions has been an eye opener to me! Still on my journey but very grateful for Anna's support to get me started! Thanks!"


"I have made some great changes to my eating because of Anna. Gone are a lot of my old unhealthy habits.

The food is so tasty and the recipes don’t have you stuck in the kitchen all weekend preparing for the week ahead!

Thanks Anna for all your help and paving the way for the rest of my journey”


Anna’s recipes are always delicious, there isn’t one dish that I did not enjoy so far. There is plenty of variety as well as simple dishes, so that you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen, but yet eating gourmet food."


What I found extremely innovative and useful was the mindset change that she brought into my relationship with food.

What I’ve learnt from Anna has less to do with food and more with how you want to live your life.

Great experience. I recommend it without any doubt!”


The ladies above:

  • Got results and lost an incredible amount of weight!
  • Gained healthy relationships with food!
  • Found out losing weight while eating tasty food is possible!
  • Weren't hungry at all and still lost weight!

What is the 28 Day Summer Challenge?

Meal Plan: It's a 28 day meal plan with 28 breakfast recipes, 28 lunch recipes and 28 dinner recipes.

Accountability: With access to the VIP Facebook Support Group you will receive 24/7 Motivational and Nutrition Guidance.

Preparation: You will receive a shopping list for each week and an exclusive Snack Guide with over 70 Snack Ideas. So you are prepared to take on each week of your weight loss journey!

Support: 24/7 support from me to answer all you questions to ensure you get the best results.

Sometime ago, I was just like you, seeking every diet under the sun, going round in circles. I would maybe diet for about a week but then hopelessly give up when I just couldn’t stick living on miserable food that left me feeling tired, miserable and grumpy. Yep I get grumpy when I can't eat food that I love or have to eat food that tastes like crap.

I was desperately seeking a new way of eating so that I could lose weight but maintain this weight-loss. I had to heal myself the right way this time, I couldn’t face another miserable diet that excluded basically all the food I enjoyed.

I ditched the diets for good, developed a special formula on how to structure my food, lost weight and have maintained my weight ever since. Because of my own journey, I knew that I was destined to help other women break free from this cycle.

After years of studying and a degree in Food and Nutrition I finally became a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Food Freedom Coach, I love that I can show people how to lose weight in a fun and flexible way. 

Who am I?

"My goal with Anna’s Nutrition is to show you how to nourish yourself with real food that tastes amazing.

So that all those diets you have done before can go in the bin where they belong.

Are you ready to do something that lasts a lifetime?"


Fact is, research has shown that 56% of people give up trying to lose weight because a program is too hard or people don't have the support they need.

...that's because the food is bland and takes too long to make.

...there is no nutritional system in place that’s designed to ensure that you get all the nutrients your body needs, which can naturally lead to hunger and out of control cravings.

...there is no one to be accountable to, so people fall back into old patterns

But The 28 Day Spring Challenge takes a NEW approach. It works with you, not against you. It works FOR you. It respects your time and gives you exactly what your body needs, whenever you need it!


The 28 Day Summer Challenge doors are open from NOW for 2 weeks. Each time we open the doors the price increases, now is your chance to get it for only €127. Ready to look your best on your summer vacation?


For only €127!! 

Meal Plan

Within 24 hours we will send you everything you need to get started via email!!!


What happens after you buy?

  • 4 week meal plan, including: 28 breakfasts, lunches, dinners!

  • Proven weight-loss recipes with very clear instructions that are simple and easy to follow, the whole family will be getting in on these!

  • Shopping List for each week

  • Exclusive Snack Guide with over 70 Snack Ideas with clear instructions on how to fit your snacks in for awesome results

  • Full Access to VIP Facebook Support Group, with 24/7 Motivational and Nutrition Guidance

  • 24/7 support from me to answer all you questions to ensure you get the best results


Before you pay please select whether you'd like a regular or a vegetarian meal plan on the drop down menu.