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100% Privacy Guaranteed

100% Privacy Guaranteed

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Look at what other women just like you have achieved!!

"I am grateful to Anna because I lost more than 6kgs and I am still losing weight.

When I finished Anna's program I asked could I stay a little longer because for me it was so important to have her support.

With Anna I started a beautiful journey, super tasteful dishes, a beautiful support group, it was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life."

"I have lost 6kgs, the amount that I have struggled to lose in the last 2 years.

What I learnt from Anna is that you don’t need to be on this silly diets to get results.

If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle I would suggest to get in contact with Anna, not only has she helped me with weight loss but she has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food."

In my last day of 16 weeks program and I am very happy with the results. I joined the program because I did not have time for myself, I did not have nor motivation neither energy to keep track on eating habits, I always had an excuse not to do sports. 

I read a lot about Anna and decided to give it a try as she promised that the program will be suitable for busy women. And it does. I work 5 days a week and I have a toddler in the house so I can be qualified as a busy one. And I must say, that the program is an easy one to follow, it does not require too much time and the whole family can easily eat what you eat. So it is not time-consuming. 

The program is built in a way to gently motivate you to change your relations with food. No pressure, which I like a lot. And you can feel, see and measure the results. With Anna's help, I lost 14 kilos, I am now back in the gym and I feel strong, energetic and confident.

It is nice to feel myself self again:) Thank you Anna!

Alexandra Pershyna NL

"With Anna's help, I lost 14 kilos"

I have never felt happier when it comes to eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Before, I was stuck in this vicious cycle of being strict for a few days, before getting bored, then over indulged and then ate even more because I felt miserable at failing again! 

But Anna provided the basic tools and so much support throughout the programme that I have now learnt how to balance what I consume as well as having a healthy approach to food. Not once did Anna ever say "you can't eat that!" and she was always on hand providing so much encouragement during times it was needed. Her recipes are so simple and tasty - and the weekly plans are so full of variety.

The members Facebook page of lovely ladies is also a great tool for support. There, Anna constantly posts new videos, little thoughts of the day and hosts regular live Q&A's. With posting photos of my meals and post workout poses - the group kept me motivated and reminded me that you are not alone during this whole process.

I would recommend Anna to anyone who is struggling with their weight, mentality towards food and finding a healthy balance. After completing this programme, I know I will keep everything I have learnt for the rest of my life! 

Thank you so much Anna!

Joanne Tardito NL

"I have never felt happier when it comes to eating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle"

I have been where you are NOW!!

Sometime ago, I was just like you (yes that's me, the owner of Body Breakthrough), seeking every diet under the sun, going round in circles. I would maybe diet for about a week but then hopelessly give up when I just couldn’t stick living on miserable food that left me feeling tired, miserable and grumpy.

I ditched the diets for good, developed a special formula on how to structure my food, lost weight and have maintained my weight ever since. Because of my own journey, I knew that I was destined to help other women break free from this cycle.

Are you READY to come on this journey with me to create the best version of you?

Real Women, Real Results!!

"I have not felt as good as I do now in years.

I can really tell the difference that eating good, nutritious food makes. Honestly I rarely feel tired now, and when I do I know that then I really am tired and I should take it easy.

To post pictures of myself in the group with tight fitting gym clothes! It is still a weird feeling, I look at myself with different eyes and I am still amazed at what I see.

I can really tell the difference and I am proud to show it off."

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