Are You Done With Your Draining Office Job?  

Do You Dream of More Security and Making an Extra Income Online?  

While Working From Home Helping People?

Introducing the most efficient and easy-to-follow Online Coaching Certification and Complete Business System ever developed.

This is your step-by-step blueprint to build a highly profitable online coaching business.

Chances are life is like this....  

Scenario #1: 

You wake up everyday and go into the office with dread. Are tired of the constant deadlines and pressure to get more work done, with less time.  

The piles of projects just keep being thrown at you and you are supposed to work faster everyday. You feel unappreciated for the amount of work you do. You work long hours, have to work in the evening and feel like work is taking over your life.  

Doing the same thing every day, repeating tasks, spending all day in meetings about subjects you don’t really care about. 

Feeling sluggish and unmotivated.  

Scenario #2: 

You went to university, have a good job but just don't get that sense of satisfaction from the work that you do.

In fact, you feel less interested as time moves on. 

The regular 9-5 rat race is making you feel uninspired, you don't think the amount of effort that you put in is worth what you get out. 

You don't even have energy to eat healthy yourself and lack motivation because your job is sucking all life from you. Away from home for over 12 hours a day.  

Working really hard on the same boring tasks. Rushing around, early start, no time for yourself or your family, grabbing meals, rushing to meetings and deadlines.  

Scenario #3: 

You are keen to explore different opportunities to earn an extra income

With the current climate, many jobs in larger international companies are at risk and you would feel more comfortable having something else to fall back on. 

Another opportunity to make extra income online for yourself and your family would make you feel more confident in this time. Give you more security. 

Scenario #4: 

You are starting to realise that finding something with more passion and enjoyment is more important than staying in an office job that you hate.  

You see other people working with their laptops in cafes and being at home more with their kids. You feel this is the path for you but you have no idea where to start.  

How to even make money online, doing what?  

If you want to take the steps towards exploring other career opportunities to make an extra income, I potentially want to train and educate you to become part of our team of coaches at The Weight Loss Academy Coaching Certification so you can create a flexible online side / full time business as a health coach.

[I have created a 6 figure business helping people lose weight without dieting from scratch with no money, help, support, business experience, in a country where I don't speak the language, while being rubbish with technology and social media]  


After being in the health coaching industry for 5 years and helping close to 1000 women with my online programs.  

I have noticed three things.  

1. Obesity numbers are increasing and more women need support from coaches to guide them with losing weight without being on a restrictive diet  

2. I seen a huge gap in the industry for coaches that can help women in a more sustainable way and the demand is increasing fast.  

3. There is a lot of opportunity to work online, in fact the online coaching industry is entering a golden age and is booming with no sign of slowing down in the near future. Especially in the current situation, more people will move online to make an income.

Close to 1000 women have gone through The Weight Loss Academy 12 week program and the results have been life changing. 

As my health coaching business got busier, I had to put a waitlist on for clients because it was not possible to work with as many clients at one time, meaning I was turning people away or getting them to wait.  

Our 12 week program works time and time again so I decided to create an opportunity where we train and educate women to become Weight Loss Academy Coaches, supporting me in this mission in helping women break free from diets using our program and creating a freedom based online business for themselves. 

Right now the doors are open for the next round of The Weight Loss Academy Coaching Certification -  

Class starts May 2020  

This is an opportunity to be 1 of 15 selected women to have me train you in our unique Nutrition, Behavioural Change and Coaching Method (NBC Method) in our coaching certification so you can start a side or full time business to bring in extra income along with purpose and flexibility.

Introducing The Weight Loss Academy Coaching Certification  

Learn the full proof Nutrition, Behavioural Change and Coaching Method (NBC Method) that teaches you the science of nutrition and the art of coaching, to become a confident health coach, start a side or full time business that gives you more income and the opportunity to be your own boss.  

[All In 8 Months]  

What if instead of waking up every morning with dread going into the office you could:  

⭐️Wake up excited to start the day, have the freedom to create your own working schedule and work from home in your pj's (if that's your thing)  

⭐️Feel proud and a sense of reward knowing the work you are doing is having a positive impact on women's physical and mental health.  

⭐️Work solely from your laptop, only needing an internet connection and being at home with your kids more.  

Well….this is exactly what happens when you join The Weight Loss Academy Coaching Certification.  

This certification is built for women that desire more freedom and purpose in their career.  

Unlike most health coaching certifications they only give you the education but no support with taking what you learn and transforming it into an actual business that can create an income.  

This carefully crafted certification is devised combining my 4 year Food and Nutrition Degree, Extensive Coaching Training and Business Expertise.  

That means, I'll be personally giving you the plan of action and strategy after graduation on how to earn your first €2000 working from home and helping people.  

Let's go through it:  

An 8 Month Live and Interactive Health Coaching Certification 

Join our community of revolutionary coaches that transform how women lose weight and end their struggle with food.  

Feel fulfilled in your work while making a significant income online,using just your laptop.  

Nutrition, Behavioural Change and Coaching Method (NBC METHOD) 




Nutrition - foundational nutrition modules deep dive into micronutrients, macronutrients, metabolism, portion sizes, food labels, daily reference intakes, tracking progress and much more.  

⚡️Learn Basic Nutrition Principles ⚡️Understanding Metabolism ⚡️Weight Loss Principals ⚡️80/20 Approach ⚡️Portion Size Basics ⚡️Tracking Progress and Assessments  

Behavioural Change - this segment dives into intuitive eating, psychology of emotional eating, dieting mentality and much more. Teaching and techniques on how to empower women towards positive change that lasts.  

⚡️Understanding Diet Mentality ⚡️Intuitive Eating Importance and Principles ⚡️Psychology of Emotional Eating ⚡️Habitual Change and Self Sabotage  

Coaching - being a good coach comes down to effective communication. Discover expert coaching techniques and strategies used to support clients with motivation along with conducting coaching sessions.  

⚡️Improve Client Results ⚡️Obtain Tools To Monitor Consistency ⚡️Develop Skills For Improving Motivation ⚡️How To Deliver Trainings and Coaching Sessions ⚡️Effective Communication - Getting The Best Out Of Your Clients ⚡️Building Rapport

Whats Included - 

⭐️Biweekly live video lectures (approx 1.5 - 2 hours)  

⭐️Biweekly homework and reading  

⭐️Welcome box with weight loss academy coach goodies  

⭐️Lifetime access to online student website with all lectures, handbooks and student material (also any new updates in the future)  

⭐️3 assessments (over the 8 month period, nutrition, behavioural change and coaching practice)  

⭐️2-3 hours per week dedicated time (slightly more when assessments are due)  

⭐️Access to online student portal for questions and access to Anna on a daily basis  

⭐️Access to all Anna's active weight loss programs while studying to improve your own lifestyle before helping others  

⭐️Academy client kit which includes everything you need to facilitate your own online group program. Either as a side business or full time. The choice is yours, go at your own pace. CLIENT KIT - (Meal plans, recipes, guides, assessments, content, social media templates and nutrition guides)  

⭐️Free ticket to live graduation day  

⭐️Lifelong access to our online community for coaches for ongoing questions, queries and to stay up to date with important information  

⭐️Your Way to 2k - Guide on how to make your first €2000 as a health coach online

⭐️Paid opportunities to support Anna in the future with retreats and projects  

⭐️Name listed on the academy website to promote your business  


⭐️Self Love & Self Forgiveness & Self Respect  

⭐️Your New Food Blueprint  

⭐️Slim and Healthy Identity  

⭐️Goal Setting  

⭐️Healthy Weight Loss Visualization  

⭐️Reprogramming & Tools 

For 8 months the certification gives you everything you need to understand nutrition, the art of coaching and how to build a profitable part / full time business without any previous nutrition knowledge and even if you still struggle with your weight 

Let's see if you are a fit

To focus on intimacy and connection, there are only 15 spots available this class  


The first 5 students that secure their spot in the certification get access to this one off bonus.  

A full VIP personal intensive business coaching day with Anna to map out your entire business planning.  

Focusing on social media and offline marketing, gaining your first 5 clients and how to make over €2000 each month online.  


Hello everyone Dr. Mukta Narang. I have been teaching university level students for more than 16 years. Very recently we have moved to the Netherlands and that is when I had to take a break in my career. It is then that I started exploring other options.  

Fortunately, I came across Anna. I was so impressed with her mission to help other ladies who have been struggling with their weight. Honestly, I'm one of them.  

After leaving my job I gained around 10kg which after continuous effort is not going down. I started following Anna on social media. Few months back I got to know about her weight management coach training. I'm so glad that I grabbed this opportunity. I'm learning so much in the process.  

It feels good to follow a healthy lifestyle with all the freedom around food. We are not even halfway and it feels like I have learned so many things about food, emotional eating, how we are the one sabotaging our own food goals and much more.  

The best part is you always have the freedom to ask questions and she will answer them so beautifully. Anna is my biggest motivation. I really wish that after completion of this course, I can carry forward Anna's mission and help even more ladies with the same dedication."

Previous Students

Chiara Caminito from Lifestyle Nutrition said

“Thanks to this certification I found what really gives me fulfillment and the quality of life I was looking for!”  

My drive to start the certification with Anna comes from personal experience, having worked 15 years in corporate companies in demanding and stressful positions. It took me a while to discover it, but it was not giving me either sense of fulfillment or the quality of life I was looking for. Following the birth of my two children I realized it was time for change. 

I needed more, I needed something that would make me feel good and feel useful, something that would give me more flexibility and freedom.  

When Anna told me about the certification I thought immediately: Yes this is it!  

And I jumped in it full on and that was the best decision ever.  

During the training Anna has talked in a simple but full of details way about the micro and macro nutrients, taught us how to create a balanced and healthy meals. She talked us through mindful eating and how to support our clients with emotional eating issues.  

She gave us a lot of free resources like a swap list guide, eating out guide, how to handle a coaching session, how to set up an intake session and a discovery call.  

We had the possibility to meet face to face and to practice a role play.  

Not to mention the sales and marketing strategies that she shared with us.  

For me it was very simple to follow, having two small kids and being often alone at home with them I don't have a lot of time and being able to join the online lessons from home or re-watch the recorded session was an excellent way to approach it.  

I have now started my business LifeStyle Nutrition and thanks to Anna's tools and support I am moving forward confident that I will be able to support my client's needs. 

- Iren Salyik from Fineline Nutrition said

"Transform the dreams for my business into reality"  

I’ve been dreaming of working in the health & wellness industry and helping people since my early twenties. When I first met Anna, I was not feeling purpose, not feeling fulfilled. I`ve been working in a corporate business environment for 20 years, and I felt my regular 9-5 (or 9-8 many times) job was pretty much always the same, but very stressful and demanding because of constant change and short deadlines.  

I felt that I was putting a lot of energy in it, but not getting so much back. I wanted to have more flexibility, have an online business, but also have a community. I knew I wanted to make an impact, but wasn't sure how to do it.  

Anna helped me to realise that it is possible and she also helped me create my message and marketing that allowed my best self to shine through :)  

Do not worry if you don't have much previous nutrition knowledge, because you`ll learn all through the program.  

Micro- & macro-n&trients, daily reference intakes, balancing food groups, the 12 step method to mindful eating, additional guides and resources such as healthy snacking, emotional eating, food swap list, eating out, steps to building a thriving health coaching business, full coaching sessions outline, coaching practice sessions, mindful eating tips for your clients, how to find your ideal client, and a lot more!  

And for sure you do not need to quit your daily job to do that, because it is possible to build a side business while still working. I know because I am a Business Analyst with a lot of deadlines and travelling :), so I have the experience that you can go at your own pace.  

This certification combines all the knowledge and skills to start your business, either you want to start full time or part time. By the time you finish this course, you will have the tools to support your clients with living a healthier lifestyle, losing weight without dieting and improving their relationship with food.  

Anna helped me stay accountable for all I wanted to achieve, and I did! I started my company Finelinenutrition, created my website, narrowed down my niche, created my Facebook and Instagram page, my messaging, designed my giveaway, designed a group coaching program, and have a whole new understanding of how to make marketing work for me.  

With her teaching and support, I was able to transform the dreams for my business into reality, and now I am moving forward with confidence and excitement.


Due to the intimate nature of the certification, I'm only taking 15 women who qualify.  

If you want this opportunity, here's what you need to do next:  

1. Click the "Apply Now" button below, you will be directed to an application form.  

2. Once submitted, I will personally review your application.  

If I believe we're a great match I will email you with information around booking your interview. I'll give you 72-hours to book in for your interview.  


The first 5 students that secure their spot in the certification get access to this one off bonus.  

A full VIP personal intensive business coaching day with Anna to map out your entire business planning.  

Focusing on social media and offline marketing, gaining your first 5 clients and how to make over €2000 each month online.  


Why Study At The Academy?


Many people are now looking for working opportunities online as the offline world may not have as many opportunities. 

There has never been a better time to start something new that could bring you extra income and purpose in your work.


Going back to university takes more time and costs a lot more money (my degree costs around £30,000)  

You don’t need a whole degree to be able to improve your own life or coach others.  

Many modules that I was taught in university I haven’t needed now that I coach and teach (biochemistry for example).  

Our certification combines the knowledge, skills and education that you actually need and will use. This is because I have first hand experience in the industry.  


Provide nutrition knowledge but no skills required to actually be able to coach clients.  

You must be able to translate nutrition knowledge to your clients and understand human behaviour.  

Our certification provides not only the knowledge but also the skills on how to coach your clients. How to hold them accountable, coach them, motivate and get them the best results.  

If you can’t communicate effectively and confidently, you won’t get too far. This I experienced first hand.  

Other certifications don't dive into how to run a program? How to get your first client?  

After graduating you unlock access to your client pack from us which is our 12 week program that you can use to start coaching your own clients straight away and make money.  

When I started my business I had a wealth of knowledge on how to help people but no idea how to coach, get clients, build a program or get started, this in itself cost me more than €15,000 to learn as I took more courses and hired business coaches.  

You don't need that as we supply everything from the skills to how you can earn your first €2000 online after graduating.  


Once you train with us you are part of our community for life.  

As a Weight Loss Academy Certified Coach you will have lifetime access to our online group for extra support after graduation.  

Plus have the opportunity to join us in events, retreats and work with us in the future as a coach and get paid.  

There is no other certification on the market that does what we do and that's why I created it.... 

I still struggle with my weight...

Perfect. The first part of the certification is actually taking everything you learn and applying it to your own lifestyle.  

Take part in Anna's weight loss program while you are studying so you can finally transform your own lifestyle and then be an inspiration to others.

I have no nutrition experience

You don't need experience, the certification is built for women that have zero experience around nutrition and coaching.

I am already busy and have kids

Most of our students are already busy with mum life and working full time. The certification has been created with this in mind. Ensuring you can dedicate time to learning and being present this can fit into an already busy lifestyle. 

When does it start?

Class starts in May 2020 and will run for 8 months

What if I can't attend a lecture?

All live lectures are recording and uploaded into our online portal within 24 hours so you can catch up at a time that suits you. 

Should I wait for next round?

There's never a perfect time to do these things, life will always be busy but you make time for what's important. We have limited enrolments each year, price increases each round and I can't guarantee a spot for you in the future.

To focus on intimacy and connection, there are only 15 spots available this class  


The first 5 students that secure their spot in the certification get access to this one off bonus.  

A full VIP personal intensive business coaching day with Anna to map out your entire business planning.  

Focusing on social media and offline marketing, gaining your first 5 clients and how to make over €2000 each month online.  


What is the result of the certification? 

✅You will have the education, skills and confidence to start facilitating your own weight loss academy group program online either as a side business or full time straight after graduation.

✅The business skills to create a starting extra income of €2000 per month  

✅You will gain nutrition and coaching knowledge, skills and expertise to transform your own lifestyle then have the tools to support others  

✅The ability to be your own boss, growing a business at your own pace  

✅Feel inspired, happy, proud, empowered, confident and unstoppable finally working on something that you have passion for  

✅Understand nutrition and exactly how to get clients incredible, life changing results that will make you a stand out coach  

✅It will supply you with security to be able to create a significant income online working for yourself and helping people lose weight in a healthy way  

✅You will gain a sense of purpose, excitement and fulfilment knowing that the work you do is positively impacting women with their physical and emotional health  

✅The power to work just using a laptop and an internet connection 

Meet Your Teacher

Anna is a Registered Associate Nutritionist / Degree in Food and Nutrition. NLP, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Certified Life + Success Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist.  

Founder of The Weight Loss Academy (A CPD Training Provider) - (consists of 12 week weight loss program and coaching certification)  

After Anna's parents divorce - she entered years of self sabotage. Weight gain, emotional eating, dieting, starving herself and drinking a lot of alcohol. At one point her life didn't look so great.  

A series of big decisions absolutely transformed her life. At one point Anna stopped dieting, healed her relationship with food, lost weight and never gained it back.  

She then pursued a degree in Nutrition at university. Graduated - moved country. Worked in a corporate - pharmaceutical research company and started to hate going into work everyday. Anna knew she couldn't work in the office forever because she needed something with more purpose.  

Finally Anna started her business in a foreign country and has never looked back. A 6 figure business owner with 5 years experience in the industry. 

Supported 1000’s of women worldwide with weight loss and creating sustainable lifestyles and now supporting aspiring coaches to do the same.  

Now with a leading health coaching certification, Anna's passion is to support other women with creating financial security while working a job they love.