Want to become a health coach but don't have the education, skills or time to study full time?

Want to learn how to become a health coach but unsure about where to start?

Want to turn your passion for helping people into a full-time career? 

Want to be part of a movement that supports women with breaking free from dieting and finally feeling their best?  

The Mindfulness Movement Coaching Certification Has One Purpose:

We want you to become part of our movement of high standard health coaches.  

To empower you become the best health coach using the most transformative program on the market so you can help your clients get incredible, life changing, sustainable results while you earn significant income and have a career that is fulfilling.  

The Mindfulness Movement is on a mission to support women with breaking free from the clutches of restrictive diets so that they can return to their most natural weight and feel confident in their own skin finally for good. 

Our aim is to abolish horrendous diet advice by educating more health coaches that believe in our mission (a healthy flexible, sustainable lifestyle) and also want to create a career that is both satisfying and flexible so it works for them.  

 Our health coaching certification uses evidence based nutrition practices along with our 12 step mindfulness method which incorporates techniques around the science of nutrition, mindfulness, psychology, the art of coaching to ensure your clients get the best results. 

There is no other health coaching certification on the market that teaches nutrition and this indepth coaching method. There is a huge need for more coaches that can support women in this way.

Are you ready to become part of a global movement that is transforming how women feel about their body? 


A health coaching certification that certifies you in becoming a mindfulness movement coach. Anna will teach you foundational nutrition and her signature mindfulness method which will take your clients from struggling with food and thier body to thriving with confidence and ending their lifetime battle with dieting. 

 After you have graduated successfully from our 7 month course and passed all assessments you will be qualified to take on clients of your own using our signature coaching program.

Imagine gaining all the nutrition, mindfulness and coaching knowledge and practice needed to feel confident to coach your own clients in the future?  

Imagine after becoming certified, not having to think about creating programs but having a full proof program that already has transformed 1000's of womens lives that you can use yourself to support your very own clients?  

Imagine helping your clients lose weight without dieting and push past limiting beliefs about their body, so they can finally reach their goals and feel the best they ever have?

Imagine the lives you will change by teaching a proven, flawless, mindfulness and nutrition strategy that not only work better than any diets on the market but that will transform your clients lifestyle forever?

Imagine walking up every morning with passion, earning significant income doing what you love, making it possible to travel more, stay at home with your kids or just a live a life on your own terms without doing the regular 9am - 5pm?

Imagine yourself as a Mindfulness Movement certified health coach and being part of an incredible community of coaches worldwide all spreading the same message!  

What Can I Do After Successful Completion of The Certification?

• You will have a deeper understanding of nutrition and all the knowledge to support clients with their nutrition and eating habits  

• You will have exceptional coaching techniques and practices to support your clients with building a healthy, positive relationship with food and healing their emotional relationship with food

• Be recognized as a certified Mindfulness Movement coach and health coach 

•Be confident with supporting clients in their lifestyle and losing weight without dieting  

 • Easily start your own health coaching business, take on clients coaching them using our proven program  

• Incorporate Anna's signature Nutrition & Mindfulness program into your existing business as an additional income source 

• Deliver Nutrition & Mindfulness Movement workshops and global retreats

• Apply for a Mindfulness Movement coaching position with us  


You would absolutely love a career change in the future but you do not have the time to go back to university and study full time or even part time.  

Getting a degree also costs a lot of money, our certification costs a fraction of a degree and is affordable for anyone that has a desire to learn effective nutrition practices and the psychology around coaching clients so they get exceptional results and transform their lifestyle.  

Starting a business on your own is incredibly daunting. Imagine learning from a trusted Registered Associate Nutritionist that has studied nutrition in depth at university plus runs an incredibly successful online nutrition consultancy for 5 years? Becoming certified with us makes starting a business incredibly easy. We train/educate you, you pass, you get complete access to our signature coaching program to use with your own clients. Making a healthy significant income has never been so simple.

 You know diets don't work, can you imagine being part of a movement that supports women with real change? This is the missing health coaching certification within the health industry.