“The 12 Week Mind and Body Transformation For Women Who Are Ready To Lose Weight With Ease, Break Free From Food, Dieting And Finally Feel Their Best







Do You Struggle With Eating In Social Situations?

Do You Start a New Diet Every Monday But Quit On Wednesday?  

Are You Struggling With Losing Weight Without Extreme Dieting?  

Do You Use Food As An Emotional Crutch After a Long Stressful Day?

Do You Often Binge on Foods and Feel Like You Have No Control?

Are You Lacking in Confidence In Your Body and Constantly Put Yourself Down? 

Answered YES?

Do You Want To Finally Feel Free Around Food and Lose Weight Easily?

Are You Ready To Stop Being a Slave To Diets and The Scale?

Do you Want To Stop Binging On Foods, Feeling Guilty When You Eat A Piece Of Cake and Discover How To Eat In A Flexible, Fun Way?

 It's Time To Get Back In Control With Food So You Live Your Life Again. Feel Empowered, Energized and Confident In Your Own Skin.  

Does This Sound Like You?

Demoralised, frustrated by your lifelong battle with food and your body?

Even though you feel you have desperately tried to lose weight, control what you eat and be healthy?

For some reason it just doesn’t stick.

Like many you may have joined the gym but then felt guilty as you use it less and less.

Your bookshelf may be filled with diet books, exercise regimes and cookbooks you have tried and discarded.

You may have had some success for awhile, only to regain the weight you have lost and perhaps gained more.

You probably can relate to this, one day you eat healthy but then go to a party, overindulge and the next day slip back into old eating habits. You abandon your diet once again. "I will start next Monday"

You soon find yourself overeating when you are angry, frustrated or feeling stressed. You give up completely and feel like a failure.

You feel shame for being overweight in the first place but then feel weak for lacking in willpower.

You are not weak, there is absolutely no reason to feel shame and it’s not your willpower either.  

Part of the problem is that the cards are stacked against you by the diet industry and the horrendous approach to traditional fad dieting which includes unrealistic and restricted eating patterns.

Finally, we will show you another way to beat this endless struggle with food and your body for good.

You deserve to feel your best, let us show you how.

Next Program Start Date: February 3rd 2020

The Weight Loss Academy will be unlike anything you have ever done before. All previous programs you have done have either made you feel worse about your body, fueled an even more negative relationship with food or kept you in a battle with your weight. Hence why you are on this page, still struggling and still searching for an answer. 

Anna has created a 12 step formula that combines techniques that will rewrite your relationship with food, to release weight easily and completely transform how you look at your body. 

You will discover lifelong practical tools to increase your awareness of your body, thoughts and mind and become in control with your emotions. We use mindfulness along with an attitude of loving kindness and compassion for yourself, to forge a new relationship with the food you eat and how you treat yourself.

Anna believes real change is very much something that comes from within. She studied Food and Nutrition at University and is now a Registered Associate Nutritionist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and a master in mindfulness. Anna has supported 1000's of women with creating powerful mind and body transformation over the past 4 years in her online coaching.

With Anna's high standard of nutrition education plus extensive training you will have all the tools to understand how to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle that is constant, not just something you do from Monday to Thursday. 

There really is a kinder, gentler, more enlightened way to have a healthy body and weight. 

The Weight Loss Academy will typically bring you on a transformation back to yourself. 

Are you ready to feel your best for good this time?

What's Included?

Mindful Food Manual

Fall in love with food again with delicious recipes that include all food groups to help you balance nutrients for optimal energy and health.

Discover Anna's method to eating sustainably without cutting out the food you love or ever going hungry.

Goodbye carbs? Absolutely NOT. 

In The Mindfulness Movement we demonize no foods, carbohydrates are essential for energy and a healthy lifestyle. Plus life is so much better with pasta, don't you think? 

You will discover how to include all foods like pizza and chocolate within moderation and no guilt, food freedom here we come. 

Essential Food Guides

Exclusive snack guide that will show you the secrets to snacking for maximum energy, preventing late night binges and overeating.  

Food swap list so you can discover how to swap foods around easily. This is a flexible eating approach that works for everyone, even picky eaters. It's simple and doable, that's why it's sustainable. 

Eating out guide. Fear social occasions? Now it's easy to eat out confidently without feeling under pressure. 

Mindful Website Access 

We love food here at The Mindfulness Movement and we want everyone else to also, no more food fear or eating boring chicken and broccoli because you think you have to. 

You will have access to more than 300 extra healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes on our exclusive mindful website. 

With very clear instructions that are simple and easy to follow, that are kid, husband and boyfriend proof. Everyone is happy, winner. 

No time to cook? 

Pop over to our 15 minutes meals section and whip up dinner in a breeze. Healthy eating does not need to be difficult or boring. 

Live Mindful Coaching 

The key to transformation is in these modules. Anna will dive into each step of The Mindfulness Method curriculum along with practical tools and techniques via live video calls. 

From discovering how to eat without guilt or obessesing to finally ending your emotional relationship with food for good. 

Determine exactly what you need to do to stop your late night binges, cravings, emotional eating habit, combat stress, boost self confidence and be more mindful around food.  

Mindful Tools & Techniques

Along with the live training, you will have access to a wide range of tools from Anna to support you on your lifestyle change. It's vital that you not only know what to do but have practical tools to improve your mindfulness. 

From body love, stress and anxiety meditations to release pressure of daily life and work. Emotional freedom technique video series, weekly journaling promps, sub conscious training and mindful moments you will have every single tool you need to transform your relationship with food and yourself. Plus live a life where you are more present and less stressed.  

Mindful & Loving Community

Daily coaching and high accountability. At the heart of Anna's coaching is creating a space where women feel heard and understood. 

Join Anna's well known and sought after community where you will feel loved and accepted while being held to your greatness so you see the changes that you deserve. 

Be personally coached by Anna with our weekly challenges and be part of a community that understand your struggles and get you. There's no better place to be to make these healthy and positive changes for yourself. 


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Meet Anna

I remember the days so well when the scale would determine how I felt. For so long I allowed this piece of plastic with a number on it tell me if I was doing good in life or determine my worth. If the scale was down compared to the day before, it made me feel better in myself.  

If the scale was up or still the same I would be so annoyed at myself, I would start questioning what I ate the day before, feeling guilty for anything that I consumed that was maybe unhealthy. I would then make strict plans for the day ahead, like cutting out carbs, taking laxatives or just eating cereal in a desperate bid to shift some pounds and see the scale move down.  

It wasn't just the scales I struggled with. I felt conscious about eating in public, thinking that people would be watching how much I would eat. I constantly told myself that I was the “fat” one in my family, that’s the identity I had created all my life.  

For me, the battle with food was something that I struggled with privately. My weight would fluctuate and it was absolutely an emotional attachment. I hated myself, I felt ugly, fat, unloved and completely disconnected from myself. Actually I had no idea who the real me was because I numbed all my emotions with food or alcohol for much of my life.  

So I get you right now, the pain and the constant battle you face with food and your reflection. You probably spend most of your time on a diet, with great intentions but go home in the evening and find yourself opening your chocolate biscuits and not stopping until the packet is empty. Then you are plagued with guilt and disgust about why you just can’t control yourself. It's a vicuous cycle but it absolutely can be broken.  

I healed my own relationship with food, lost weight, never gained it back and forged a loving and kind relationship towards myself. Finally I realised it wasn’t another diet that would make everything ok or it wasn’t a certain weight that would make me happy. You won't be happy when you hit a certain number on the scale, trust me I have been there.  

I created a 12 step formula for true mind, body and soul transformation. My goal with the academy is to globally create a movement that will impact all the women in the world that battle everyday with food and themselves. 

The academy will support women with feeling their best in their bodies, love themselves truly, discover how to truly mindful eat, be connected to their emotions and enjoy all food again without ever having to diet again.  

I spent a large part of my life worrying about my appearance, my weight and constantly dieting. I will show you another way, are you ready to feel empowered by your lifestyle again?

Vanessa's 17kg Transformation Without Dieting

“Just completed working with Anna and I can honestly say that I am a different woman. 

Working with Anna has set me free: free of dieting, free of guilt, free of scales and free of self-doubt. 

She has taught me how to go back to basics, nourish my body with healthy wholesome food and no deprivation.  

Of course I lost weight (17kg), and lots of it, but I also learned to love and trust myself for who I am now and who I am becoming every day: a healthier and fitter me.  

I can never thank Anna enough for all her help and support but I can highly recommend her for anyone wishing to find a healthier lifestyle.”  

Vanessa B.

Love Food? Have A Peak At Our Recipes

Ledas 22kg Transformation

"It all started on my 30th birthday where I wanted to give myself a big gift by losing 10kg and have that as the start of a new life.  

I realized while working with Anna that I had a very unhealthy approach towards food. 

Anna stopped these thoughts and changed them completely around. Instead of fighting myself, Anna helped me with accepting myself!  

The biggest help for me was the support from Anna and the ladies in her community. 

I already lost 22kg and I know this time I'm going to finish what I started.  

Anna taught me that this is not just something you do for a small amount of time, you are here to change your whole lifestyle!"  

-Leda T

Charlie's 20kg Transformation

With Annas help I lost 25kg and turned my lifestyle around without ever feeling like I was on a strict diet.

Anna is an amazing nutritionist that really knows how to approach building a healthy lifestyle for busy women. Her recipes are incredibly good and easy to make.

One of the most valuable things was also that Anna taught me how to be independent and aware of the food choices I am making on a daily basis. I now feel confident in making food choices that are good for me at home, at the restaurant and when travelling. This does in no way mean always picking that boring salad and skipping dessert. :)

Now I get to go shopping for a wedding dress feeling confident in my own skin <3.

Invest in yourself and get Anna's support, you won't regret it.  

-Charlie R

Joining waiting list saves you 20% discount on program cost!  

The Weight Loss Academy Is For You If..  

  •  Feel Out of Control Around Food  
  •  Know How To Eat Healthy and Exercise But Still Can't Seem To Do It  
  •  Spend Most of Your Day Obsessing About Food and Losing Weight  
  •  You Eat to Feel Better or When Stressed  
  •  Feel Like a Failure  

 After Joining The Weight Loss Academy You Will..  

  •  Have Complete Freedom Around Food  
  •  Lost Weight Easily Without Dieting  
  •  Feel Confident In Your Own Skin  
  •  Feel Less Stressed At Home and Work  
  •  Feel Vital, Energized and In Control Of Your Life  

Losing Weight Without Dieting Has Never Been Easier

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