Weight loss program

“The Complete Weight Loss and Lifestyle Program For The Busy Working Women”


From my own personal journey and working with many women around the world I know that losing weight, keeping it off and changing your lifestyle involves a lot more than just considering what you eat.


Although you may have sincerely tried to live a healthier life, you may be frustrated and demoralised by your efforts so far.


Like many you may have joined the gym but then felt guilty as you use it less and less. Your bookshelf may be filled with diet books, exercise regimes and cookbooks you have tried and discarded. You may have had some success for awhile, only to regain the weight you have lost and perhaps gained more.


You probably can relate to this. One day you eat healthy but then go to a party, overindulge and the next day slip back into old eating habits. You abandon your diet once again. Soon you find yourself overeating when you are angry, frustrated or feeling stressed. You give up completely and feel like a failure.


You feel shame for being overweight in the first place but then feel weak for lacking in willpower. Let me tell you, you are not weak and there is absolutely no reason to feel shame. Part of the problem is that the cards are stacked against you by the food industry and the standard approach to traditional fad dieting.


The Mindfulness Movement offers you an alternative, it is built on careful analysis of how to get back to your healthy weight by eating nourishing food that your body needs. It incorporates extensive nutrition. It offers a full understanding of what constitutes to a healthy way of eating combined with mindfulness practices to increase your awareness of your body, thoughts and mind.


The Mindfulness Movement will help you to use mindfulness along with an attitude of loving kindness and compassion for yourself, to forge a new relationship with the food you eat. Really there is a kinder, gentler, more enlightened way to have a healthy body and weight unlike the traditional approach to weight loss.


My program is centered around the main features that I believe help you transform your lifestyle by combining aspects such as personalised nutrition, motivation, support, accountability and self care. We are destined for long term success. In fact we leave no stone unturned in this program. This is your complete guideline for a healthy lifestyle for mind, body and healthy weight loss.


The Mindfulness Movement will help you:


• Return to your body’s natural weight without restrictive dieting

• Build new habits that will last a lifetime

• Learn about food and how to structure your day so it actually supports you

• Learn how to be mindful so you can become in tune with your eating habits again. It’s
time to live a healthy lifestyle that is compassionate, fun, flexible and guilt free.

The Mindfulness Movement is for women that are:


● Busy with work and are lacking in time. Making everyone and everything else a priority apart from themselves. 

●  Surviving on sugar filled foods and caffeine. They are constantly reaching out for the wrong choices because their cravings are off the scale.
●  Tired of going on restricted diets that leave them feeling lethargic and miserable. They love food and want to know how to have a healthy weight by eating food that they actually enjoy.
●  Struggling with their own reflection, self esteem, feel lost and desperately want to get back to their “old self” again
●  Eager to feel healthy so they can live longer, feel energized and revitalized with life again. 

There is a personalised element to The Mindfulness Movement, therefore

if you want to see if the program is a right fit for you,

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What previous clients have said

“I started a beautiful journey with Anna. Super tasteful dishes and a beautiful support group. It was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life” 

Carolina Ferranti

“What I learnt from Anna is that you don’t need to be on this silly diets to get results. If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle I would suggest to get in contact with Anna. Not only has she helped me with weight loss but she has helped me develop a healthy relationship with food.”

Kakada Phou

“The 12 week program with Anna was one of the best experiences I had in a long history of trying to lose weight. I found the mindset change she brought into my relationship around food was extremely innovative. Great experience I would recommend it to anyone without a doubt.“

Arianna Guiliodori

“Anna also gives a lot of information on how to establish a mindful way of eating to keep the weight off. I lost 9 kg in 4 months and ate lots of really yummy food. To me Anna’s program really makes sense!”

Eva Wurm